Bad Weekend for the Haters.

By: Drew Hierwarter

This was a bad weekend for the NASCAR haters. We all know who they are, they fill up the blogs, populate the forums, and generally complain about anything and everything NASCAR anywhere they can find an audience.


They complain that there isn’t enough passing in NASCAR races anymore, that the races are mere parades. The Cup race at Talladega on Sunday was the most competitive race in NASCAR history with a record 80+ “official” lead changes, and more than half the drivers in the field having a turn at the front of the pack. And remember, NASCAR only counts those lead changes at the Start/Finish line. Most of the time there were two, three, or four different leaders over the course of a single lap.


They complain that the races are becoming too predicable. Both the Cup race and the Nationwide race on Sunday were decided in the last few yards of the last lap with no one having a clear advantage in either event. In the Cup race, Kevin Harvick’s winning margin was a mere .012 of a second! The last time Kevin Harvick won a points paying Cup race was the 2007 Daytona 500, one hundred fifteen races ago.


They complain that Jimmie Johnson wins too much. Johnson finished 31st and only led five times for a total of nine laps all day.


They complain that the drivers are too bland. Well, two of the blandest, (and supposedly closest friends) Jeff Gordon and Jimmy Johnson seem to be having an open feud, each giving no quarter to the other on the track, and both complaining about the driving of the other in the media.


And yes, even though it’s not the way it should be and I don’t agree with this attitude, some even complain that there aren’t enough crashes. Not only did the Cup race require three attempts at a green-white-checkered finish due to crashes, but the Nationwide race ended with one of the wildest, scariest, fieriest crashes in recent memory.


Yea, it was a pretty bad weekend for the haters. But for the rest of us, those who appreciate good hard racing, high speeds, close competition, and surprise endings, the two races at Talladega on Sunday were the best races so far this year.


Don’t y’all just hate it!



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